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MECSTROKE  has launched a 2-stroke garden tiller, cultivator rotavator with a recoil starting system. It is present in a lightweight, which is easy to shift from one place to another. The fuel mixture ratio is 30:1 which is used for the petrol two-cycle oil. It has a 3-day warranty period for replacing any defected product. The no-load speed is 6500 RPM and displacement is 52 cc. The tilling depth is reached at 5 to 12 cm. The single cylindrical shapes engine is helpful for easy operation. The carburetor is a diaphragm and the engine power is 1.65 KW. ts consumes petrol as a Fuel option.The fuel tank capacity if 1.2 L , which is suficient for the long hours worked. The engine displacement is 51.7cc . The tiller has a width with a dimension of 30 cm .

Key Features:

Small size & light weigth                                                                                                                                 Make it easy to move                                                                                                                                 Versatile -Weeding ,Mixing, Digging & Aerating


Product description

MECSTROKE Mini Rotary Tiller with 2
stroke engine Lightweight, versatile tiller for
cultivating and refining gardensized plots, planting trees or shrubs or ploughing furrows for
plants, making light work out of difficult jobs. Robust, durable construction and chain
transmission ensure longer life, while forwardrotating tines, easy operation and ergonomic
design increase comfort, effectiveness and productivity.

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