MECSTROKE Brand Diesel Operated 9 HP Power Tiller / Power Weeder is a two-wheeled agricultural implement fitted with rotary tillers which gives a smooth resistance to all farm activities. In fact, it has multiple uses & advantages. Power Tiller/ Power Weeder helps in preparing the soil, sowing seeds, planting seeds, adding & spraying the fertilizers, herbicides & water. Diesel Engine which produces  9hp of power which is sufficient for tilling hard or semi-hard fields. This tiller is designed to perform heavy duty farming and agricultural activities and this machine can easily be operated by a single person. A very affordable and worth purchasing machine to meet all your agricultural and farming requirements.

Components of A Power Tiller:

(1) Engine

(2) Transmission gears

(3) Clutch

(4) Brakes

(5) Rotary unit.

(6) Plough Attachment


  • Suitable for all kinds of geological.
  • The mini-tiller is a mechanized plow used to prepare land for agricultural production
  • It can plow land more efficiently than plows that rely on animal draft power, and at the same time reduce drudgery.
  • Strong power, beautiful appearance, comfortable operation.
  • Portable-type, light weight, easy to carry, do the wide field operations.
  • Low noise, easy to start.
  • This machine is definitely recommended for any hardcore user, where it makes the job easier, faster, and efficient. It is like buying a machine that lasts forever.

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Product Details:

Model No MS-186F
Engine Model 186F Diesel Engine
Transmission Type 2 Forward , 1 Reverse
Power 9 HP
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.5L
RPM 4200
Fuel Type Diesel
No. of Blades 32 Blades
Starting System Recoil Starter
Tilling Width Upto 4.5 Feet
Tilling Depth 6-8 inches
Fuel Consumption 0.7(Liter/Hr)
Acre/Hour 0.4
Weight 179kg approx

Additional information

Weight 190 kg
Delivery Time

4-5 DAYS


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