MECSTROKE Brand Heavy Duty Triple Piston HTP 50 Pump Set with 7 HP Petrol Engine


This is a triple piston 30 HTP pump set, it comes with a powerful 168F 4 stroke 6.5 hp petrol engine. This pump set is very much suitable for domestic and commercial usage. One can use this machine for cleaning purposes, spraying in the agriculture field, and washing vehicles; such as cars, bikes, etc.


  • Suction Pipe (Standard Size)
  • Overflow Pipe (Standard Size)
  • Water Filter
  • Manual Book
  • 3 Feet Gun
  • Special Tools for HTP

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Product Details:

Engine Specification:
Rated Power 6.5 HP
Displacement 350cc
Engine Type 4 Stroke , Air Cooled
Fuel Used Petrol
Fuel Tank 3 Liter(Approx)
Fuel Consumption 700ml/Hour (Engine)
Pump Specification :
Product Type HTP Pump Sprayer
HTP Model 30
Pump Speed 600 to 1000 RPM
Output Pressure 10-40 kg/cm2
Suction Volume 30-40 L/min
Pump Oil (20 w 40 Grade) 900 ml
Hose Pipe Length upto 250 m
Weight 30 Kg

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Weight 12 kg
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